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About Us

The Beauty Embassy team consists of skin specialists who stand out due to their exclusive training in Austria, America, France, and South Korea. We have extensive experience with the latest and medical cosmetic treatments, offering medically approved and most effective methods for removing skin impurities, treating wrinkles, rosacea, couperose, and pigmentation spots. Utilizing technologies, BEAUTY EMBASSY treatments contribute to skin tightening and facial contouring. Anti-cellulite massages, high-tech body treatments for fat reduction, laser hair removal, and scalp treatments are also available.

You will notice positive changes in your skin in no time:

Improved skin texture and smaller pores

Healthy and clear complexion
Radiant skin
Firmer and smoother skin

Your Personal Skincare Program

Medically approved treatments with the best technologies on the market
Comprehensive range of skincare products
Individually tailored treatments for your skin type
Visible and long-lasting treatment results

Don’t let your skin wait, and
get advice today.

Our Team

A qualified team you can trust



Years of experience with Biologique Recherche treatments and ongoing training at Biologique Recherche in Paris. Specializations: Body treatments, Anti-C Massage, LPG Alliance, Endosphères, Korugi Massage, Chiro Massage.



Specializations: Biologique Recherche treatments, skin diagnostics, laser hair removal, Micro-Puncture, JetPeel, Hydrafacial.



Specializations: Biologique Recherche treatments, skin diagnostics, Face Contouring Massage, Hydrafacial, Carbon Laser Peel, Babyface LaseMD, facial cleansing, JetPeel, Dermadrop.



Specializations: Biologique Recherche treatments, JetPeel, Hydrafacial, Carbon Laser Peel, Babyface LaseMD, facial cleansing, Dermadrop.



About Skin Specialist
and Founder Nona

Driven by her passion for beauty, cosmetics, and the desire to improve and beautify the skin while combating skin problems, Nona Smelanski opened the beauty institute, then known as BEAUTY CLINIC, in the heart of Vienna in 2014. On over 300m2, at Spiegelgasse 8/5, 1010 Vienna, a place was created where luxury for the skin and balm for the soul come together, where customization and personalization meet for the perfect skin. “Since day one, I have strived with my team not only to satisfy our customers but to leave them speechless due to our beauty results. Our beauty institute paves the way for our customers to holistic well-being with the skincare concept of the exclusive French brand Biologique Recherche and creates a soothing retreat for all senses” – Nona Smelanski