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The methodology of Biologique Recherche treatments requires an individual skin analysis. By examining the current condition of the skin, we recommend appropriate facial treatments and skincare products for you.

Biologique Recherche is globally renowned for its overwhelmingly effective skincare concept. The approach of the French cult brand combines clinical precision, highly dosed natural products, and complex formulations that are individually tailored to the skin.

This skincare concept is based on a holistic understanding of the skin as an organ and 40 years of experience. It consists of individual skincare protocols tailored to the customer’s Skin Instant© and is divided into three phases:

1. Skin Diagnosis: Before each treatment, we analyze the skin condition using the Skin Instant©Lab Systems, visual analysis, and questionnaires.

2. Preparation: Through deep cleansing, we prepare the skin optimally, including with the legendary Lotion P50 and a facial mask.

3. Treatment: Using highly dosed active ingredients, we target to improve skin quality and promote its regeneration, restoring balance, moisture, and vitality.

The skincare products are developed by the research and development department in France and manufactured 90% in their own laboratory. They are characterized by high dosages of plant, marine, and biotechnological extracts, omitting synthetic fragrances and undergoing gentle processing. Quality and effectiveness are paramount for the French company as well as at Beauty Embassy.

Discover the exceptional results of Biologique Recherche and experience the synergy between the products and unique treatment methods

Facial Products

Biologique Recherche products are distinguished by their unique features, including the use of highly dosed plant, marine, and biotechnological extracts, which are present in most products at over 20 percent. They avoid synthetic fragrances and opt for cold processing methods to preserve the original structure of the active ingredients. This combination ensures excellent efficacy and skin compatibility. The products achieve exceptional results thanks to the maximum synergy between their unique formulas, treatment methods, and the application of Remodeling Face®.