Body Treatments

Biologique Recherche treatments

We apply advanced and proven body treatments to give your body more vitality and tone.
Relax, smooth, tighten, lift or shape – we have the right treatment for you.

Soin Lift C.V.S Corps

The unique Lift Corps treatment from Biologique Recherche aims to reshape the silhouette and increase skin elasticity. The treatment package includes peeling, skin renewal and a Bio-Reflex massage. This is a special technique that improves microcirculation, which tightens the skin and contributes to the fact that the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. The result is a flawless silhouette and firm, smooth skin.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 155

Soin Booster Minceur

This ultimate treatment targets stubborn fat deposits and prepares the effect of slimming. Biologique Recherche has developed a complementary mix of two products: Booster Minceur Liquid with a high content of cleaning agents and Booster Minceur Powder formulated with two enzymes, which act on the adipose tissue when activated. In combination with stimulating massage techniques, the skin is supplied with oxygen, effective shaping is enabled and the effect of the products used is enhanced.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 145

Soin Minceur aux Algues

A vitality and anti-stress treatment in case of stress or changing seasons. The algae gel pack in combination with essential oils contains oxygen and has a tightening and detoxifying effect.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 130

Anti C Massage

Massage treatment for a slimmer figure and treatment of cellulite. Massage with essential oils and plant complexes, for drainage, detoxification and firming of the skin.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 105

Body Wraps

Professional body wraps to reduce weight and waist size. Treatment possible for chest, arms, abdomen, legs and glutes.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 110

Chest Treatment

A tightening and firming treatment especially for the chest. It is combined with Lift C.V.S Corps – a special massage technique – and Remodeling Body – a device that gently stimulates and firms the skin.
Treatment duration: 45 min. Price: € 95

Dream body with high-tech treatments

Treatments with our tested and globally recognized high-performance devices ensure incomparable results. These intensive body treatments counteract fat deposits, cellulite and slack tissue.
Tight curves, firm buttocks and smooth skin – stop dreaming about it. Our treatments are the way to achieve your dream body.

VIP Line Electrotherapy body (slim silhouette, firm bottom)

VIP Line Plus

VIP Line Elektrotherapie Body
This unique treatment gives you the luxury body you have always dreamed of – without any exercise or dieting.

Fat removal – 2 zone treatment
Single treatment 50 min.    Price: € 90
Block of 10; 50 min.               Price: € 820
Firm buttocks – treatment for a bootylicious butt
Single treatment  25 min.   Price: € 50
Block of 10; 25 min.               Price: € 480
VIP Line Plus can be perfectly combined with LPG, Endosphères Therapy and the Icoone Laser. We would be happy to advise you personally on the appropriate treatment methods.

ResurFX – Fractional laser treatment for revitalization and firm skin


Fractional laser treatment for revitalization and firm skin
Treatment duration: 60 min.
Stomach                        Price: € 340

Endospheres Therapy (body toning & cellulite treatment)


Endosphères therapy is a unique non-invasive treatment in the field of silhouette correction. Elimination of cellulite in all stages is possible as well as circumference reduction by 1-2 clothing sizes. Vibration and compression result in deep drainage, which improve microcirculation and stimulate blood circulation.
One-time treatment:
50 min.         Price: € 115
Block of 10:
50 min.         Price: € 900

Icoone (lymphatic drainage, body tightening & cellulite treatment)


Icoone Basic      30 min                Price: € 80
Icoone Basic + 2 focus zones      Price: € 130
Icoone Basic + 3 focus zones      Price: € 155

5 x (Icoone Basic+3 focus zones)  Price: € 580
10 x (Icoone Basic+3 focus zones) Price: € 1050